Cat Litter

Felight Cat Litter Scoop

  • Easy to use when refreshing litter trays.
  • Sturdy and easy to clean after use.
  • Suitable for all Cat Litter types
  • Matching tray available.
  • Made in the UK.


For use with our super absorbent and antibacterial Felight Cat Litter

Freshen up litter trays with our easy on the eye Felight Cat Litter Scoop! With two fresh new colours that will compliment any home decor, our Cat Litter Scoops have holes that help separate clean cat litter from the dirtied, quickly and easily, providing a clean tray re-fresh for your cats’ continuous hygienic use.

Made in the UK, our Cat Litter Scoops have been specially designed to make life easier, and are perfect for all litter types, so is yet another tick in your Felight Fresh cat litter routine.

Use in conjunction with our range of other Felight accessories to ensure you and your cat always have that Felight Fresh feeling.

How to Use

  • When your litter tray is due a re-fresh, use our litter scoop to help separate dirtied litter from fresh and ensure that it is cleaned down after use


Safety Warning

Wash hands after use.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, small children and those with suppressed immune systems should avoid contact with soiled litter.

Never flush cat litter down the toilet, dispose of with normal household waste.

Do not compost or dig into the garden.