Bob Martin Clear 3 in 1 Flavoured Wormer 150/144/50mg Tablets for Dogs (Vm 08007/4154)

The MA Holder (Vetoquinol UK Ltd) has informed us that three batches of the above product may, over time, see a reduction in active ingredient strength, which could result in a possible lack of efficacy against worms. Any owner who has treated their dog with tablets from these batches is recommended to re-treat their dog using product from another batch.

The batches affected are KV04VNS, KV04VV7 and KV04ZF3. The batch details are printed on the base of the carton as per this example. All three batches have the expiry date of 12 2027.

If any owner still has product from the above mentioned batches, please return it to us with your name and address. Place the carton in an envelope addressed to FREEPOST Bob Martin. No stamp or address is needed, and we will arrange a replacement from another batch as quickly as possible.

If you have any concerns and want to speak to a member of our team, please call: 01254 54545 or email:

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