Over 125 years of pet care

Founded in 1892 by Robert Martin, who identified a need for a pet supplement to give pets the nutrition they need. More than 125 years later and still owned by the Martin family, we are making more products than ever.

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A world of experience in pet care.

You'll find Bob Martin all across Europe and in far reaching places worldwide. We're proud to be seen on the shelves of the world's biggest supermarkets and the world's best independent pet shops.

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We manufacture a wider product range than ANY other petcare company.

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Putting you and your pets first

We're constantly exploring ways to make pet care easier and more effective. Working with pet experts and experienced vets, we make great pet products and invaluable pet care advice available to everyone, everywhere, whenever they need us.

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You can trust us

We've been working for over a hundred years to make hard-working products at affordable prices and never compromise on quality. Our products pass stringent regulations and tests as we know how much your pet means to you, because we love our pets too.

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