Felight Cat Litter Tray

  • Our Cat Litter Tray has been specially designed to make life easier
  • Made in the UK
  • 4L Capacity
  • Curved non-slip base for easier handling during tray changes
  • Matching Scoop available
  • Made in the UK


For use with our super absorbent antibacterial Felight Cat Litter

Felight makes all things Cat Litter effective and convenient from our expert performance litter, down to the trays for your cats to do their thing! Our UK manufactured Cat Litter Tray has a non-slip, curved base and is easy to clean so your cat’s business can be a seamless process for you and for them.

Made in the UK, our Felight Cat Litter Tray has been specially designed to make life easier.

With 2 fresh colours that are sure to be complementary to most home decors, Felight Litter Trays and matching accessories are just another step we offer for you to experience that Felight Fresh feeling.

How to Use

  • Fill your cat litter tray with Felight Antibacterial Non-Clumping Cat Litter to a depth of approximately 5cm.
  • Check the litter tray regularly and remove any solid waste with a Felight Cat Litter Scoop. Top up the tray with fresh litter.
  • Completely empty the litter tray at least once a week or when needed, wash the tray with a mild detergent or other suitable product and re-fill once the tray is completely dried.