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People are increasingly aware of the impact our environment and diet can have on our long-term health and wellbeing. We regularly look at our nutrition and supplements to help aid our overall health and vitality to keep us feeling and looking younger for longer. 

And this approach of focusing on diet and nutrition for our bodies should be no different for our pets. As with us humans, dogs can have a multitude of problems with joint aches and pains as they get older, which can have a damaging impact on not only their physical health but mental wellbeing too.

And in many cases, joint supplements, similar products to those that we’d regularly take, can help to improve a dog’s condition to ensure it can live its life to the fullest.

What are dog joint supplements?

Joint supplements can come in either tablet, capsule, liquid or dog food form; they can be regularly given to dogs to help alleviate and help prevent specific joint ailments and conditions such as arthritis. 

They are an effective way to supplement a dog’s diet to ensure they’re kept in tip-top condition as they grow older with us!

Why might dogs need supplements? 

  • To support life-long health
    • Supplements can be given regularly at all stages of a dog’s life, alongside its routine, diet and medicine. Products have been shown to help slow the progression of certain conditions such as arthritis and joint pain by promoting healthy, supple and mobile joints. Research indicates that 20% of all dogs will suffer from arthritis in their lifetime – one of the most common health issues treated by veterinarians – but some breeds can be more susceptible than others.
  • Working dogs:
    • Because of the amount of exercise they do, working dogs can become more prone to arthritis and other painful issues. Regular supplementation can give them a boost to keep them healthy and working for longer.
  • After an injury
    • Because they’re bags of energy, a joint injury can become a real persistent pain for dogs if they don’t heal properly. Joint supplements can help with recovery and avoid future issues if they’ve injured themselves.
  • For older dogs:
    • Just as our knees might get a bit creaky as we age, dogs will also experience age-related joint issues through long-term wear and tear. 

What causes joint problems in dogs?

As all dogs’ sizes, breeds, temperaments and diets vary, so will the causes of their joint-related issues. However, some of the biggest causes of joint degradation include:

  • Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Developmental defects that alter the shape or stability of a joint
  • Genetic predisposition: some breeds, such as Labradors, Golden retrievers, German shepherds and Rottweilers, are more prone to joint issues

Bob Martin’s joint supplements contain a high-grade blend of natural ingredients which can help maintain supple and mobile joints and contribute to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

There are no significant side effects associated with giving dogs joint supplements – most can be given as a daily supplement alongside their regular diet and are entirely safe given over a long period. 

Which vitamins and minerals do joint supplements contain?

Most supplement products will contain a blend of vitamins, oils and botanicals, which act in synergy and contribute to enhance the benefits of the formulation. The most common ingredients in joint health supplements are glucosamine, chondroitin and omega-3. These ingredients are some of the most well-known supplements available to maintain joint health. Active ingredients we use in our products include: 

  • Vitamin A  – To support the normal function of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs
  • Vitamin D3 –  Contributes to building and maintaining strong bones
  • Vitamin E – Maintains a healthy heart and eyes
  • Glucosamine – Helps the maintenance of cartilage and tendons 
  • Chondroitin – Helps maintain the architecture of joint cartilage
  • MSM – Contributes to decreasing joints or muscle pain
  • Vitamin E – Helps maintain healthy skin and eyes
  • Calcium – Helps to build and maintain strong bones
  • Omega 3 (DHA & EPA) – Helps to reduce inflammation

How can I spot signs my dog might need joint supplements? 

Keep an eye out… Regularly monitoring your pet’s ability to run, jump and walk will help to spot any joint problem early on so you can take action to stop the issue worsening.

Don’t let your pooch over-exert themselves… Toy throwing can cause joint strain if done too often, too strenuously or for too long—Limit toy throwing to two 20-minute sessions per day. 

Watch the waist… Obesity puts additional strain on the joints, so ensure you keep your pet at a healthy weight by maintaining an active lifestyle and eating nutritious foods.

Check up to check-in… Regularly seeing a vet is a mark of responsible pet ownership, and is even more critical as your pet ages. Frequent health checks will help your vet identify and prevent not only joint issues from developing but wider health issues too.

Which Bob Martin Supplements should I give my dog? 

Our range of supplements has been tailor-made to suit specific conditions.  They include:

  • Bob Martin High Strength Joint Oil and Tablets:
    • Specifically formulated to help maintain pain-free, supple and mobile joints. 
    • The supplements provide slow-release energy, helping to support healthy skin, bright eyes and strong teeth and bones. A good all-rounder! 
    • Available as tablets or oil, the blended formula also maintains a healthy heart and promotes good circulation for old or young dogs. 
    • Containing natural fish oils that are rich in vitamins and polyunsaturates, it is also an easy way to improve your pet’s diet, while helping to overcome common health problems.
    • Bob Martin Omega-3 Rich Fish Oil is a significant daily supplement for all pets, including dogs, cats, small animals and birds. 
    • Ideal for maintaining the general health and overall condition of your pet, this formula helps to support supple skin, bright eyes and healthy teeth and bones whilst providing slow-release energy. 
    • Containing natural fish oils that are rich in vitamins and polyunsaturates, this oil is an easy way to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing problems such as dry coat, itchy skin, joint issues and fatigue. 
    • It also provides valuable benefits for the young, pregnant or lactating animals, as well as those recovering from injury or illness.

For more information on pet health, check out our advice section here.

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