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The new year is all about taking the time to reflect on the previous 12 months and deciding how you want to move forward in the year to come. With this in mind, there’s no better time to think about your existing pet care routine and the simple changes you could make that could have a big impact on both yours and your pet’s lives. Read on to find out how to overhaul your pet care routine in 2022:


For Cats


We all know how much cats love their food. Start 2022 by reassessing your cat’s eating habits and consider whether you’re feeding them the right food and in the right quantities. Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Is my cat overweight?
  • Is my cat underweight?
  • Does my cat have adverse reactions to certain foods?
  • Am I giving them too much human food?

Just like humans, the food cats eat has a massive impact on their overall health. Similarly to us, what works for one might not work for another. 


If your cat has been given prescribed medicine you should always follow your vet’s instructions. Aside from that, there are medications your cat needs that aren’t necessarily prescribed by a vet. As we move forward into 2022, you need to make sure you stay on top of flea treatments, especially as the seasons change. Maintaining a regular flea treatment schedule will ensure your cat stays flea-free for good. For an extra health boost, you can also try giving your cat supplements to ensure they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. 


What is life without a good night’s sleep? Decent shut-eye is a kitty requirement; did you know that they need between 12-16 hours a day? If your cat’s sleeping environment isn’t ideal, they won’t be rested enough to run and play, so 2022 is the perfect time to evaluate your cat’s sleeping arrangements. 

If your cat’s sleep is frequently interrupted by the late night antics of another pet, try moving their bed to a different area of the house. If your cat’s bedding is old and tatty, consider investing in some new items. If your cat seems upset sleeping alone, move their bed closer to you. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure your cat gets a good night’s sleep, such as:

  • Ensure they get enough physical stimulation during the day
  • Give them plenty of attention during waking hours
  • Feed them later on in the day so they’re not waking up hungry
  • Keep their litter tray clean and fresh 

Unfortunately, the reality is that cats are mostly nocturnal and prefer to sleep during the day. While late night waking is somewhat unavoidable, as long as your cat gets between 12-16 hours sleep over a 24 hour period, you’re golden. 


For Dogs 


It’s very rare to find a dog that doesn’t like a nice refreshing walk. Not only does regular exercise keep your dog in shape, it is also good for their mental wellbeing. When a dog doesn’t get enough exercise they can suffer from a range of ailments and behavioural problems become much more likely. This is why it’s so important to start 2022 with solid plans for your dog’s exercise. Why not research some local routes you’ve never been on before? Like us, dogs can get bored if they go on the same walk day-in, day-out so switching it up is important.

Remember, different breeds of dogs need different amounts of exercise and stimulation to stay healthy. For example, a 3 hour hike across the moors may be ideal for a Collie, but not so much for a Chihuahua! The best thing to do is to research your breed’s exercise requirements and try to meet them as much as possible. 


We’re willing to bet that your dog is a big fan of mealtimes! Feeding your pet is the ultimate act of love and with this in mind, moderation and nutrition should be at the forefront of your mind at all times. If you’re guilty of feeding your dog more scraps of human food than you’d care to admit, try not to worry too much, as many people do this. Start 2022 with new rules in place and try to refrain from giving your dog extra treats. Dogs put weight on pretty easily and in the long run, sticking to their planned diet is what’s best for your pooch. 

Make sure you read labels carefully before buying any pet food and be careful with portion sizes. Keep in mind that dogs are individuals and may have adverse reactions to certain kinds of foods that would be fine for other dogs. Signs your dog has an allergy to their food are:

  • Itchy skin
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lack of energy 
  • Weight loss

It’s entirely up to you if you want to feed your dog wet or dry food. Many pet parents feed a combination of the two so you don’t necessarily need to go with one or the other. As a general rule, wet food tends to be lower in calories due to the high moisture content so this is something to think about when dishing out your dog’s dinner. Dry food is considerably more calorific so portion sizes of this variety should be much smaller. 


Just like their feline friends, dogs need medicine every now and then. Always administer medication according to instructions and your vet’s advice should always be taken as gospel. Similar to cat medications, you can buy and administer certain dog medications without having to see the vet. Many pet owners shop Bob Martin products as a means to ensure their dogs stay flea and tick free. We also have a range of worming treatments, allowing you to keep your dog happy and healthy at all times.

It’s easy to forget to flea and worm your dog so don’t worry if it slipped your mind on occasion in 2021. Make a plan for 2022 and set reminders in your calendar to treat your dog regularly. Bob Martin now offer a subscribe and save service and will deliver your pet’s treatments exactly when you need them.

Always keep in mind that both dogs and cats are more prone to fleas in the warmer months. Stay vigilant and stay safe!


They say to let sleeping dogs lie and it’s true! Dogs need between 12-14 hours of sleep a day. Not getting enough sleep can have an impact on their mood and overall health so do what you can to make sure your dog is getting plenty of rest. 

A new year is a great time to invest in some new dog bedding. Or, you can have your dog’s existing bedding cleaned thoroughly so they’re sleeping in a clean and fresh space. If your dog tends to sleep in bed with you and you believe it’s having an impact on both yours and your pooch’s quality of sleep, it is worth looking into alternative arrangements. 

General health and well-being for both cats & dogs 

Ultimately, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure the well being of your dog or cat. Health problems in dogs and cats can go unnoticed when we get caught up in day to day life (especially after a year like 2021!) so begin 2022 on the right note by taking your cat or dog to the vets for a general checkup. Veterinarians are pros at spotting health issues in animals and they can put you on the right course if there is something that looks a bit suspect. It’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to your pet, so don’t take any chances.


Are you overhauling your pet care routine this year? Connect with us on social media and tell us the steps you’re taking to ensure the well being of your pet in 2022. 

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