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Pets seem to have a sixth sense for heat sources. As soon as a radiator clicks on or a log burner starts crackling, they enter stage right and take up the best seats in the house. But do you ever wonder how close they should be getting to the heat source? Or, what the side effects of sleeping in front of a heat source are?

Whilst it’s perfectly okay to allow your pet to sleep in front of a heat source, here are 6 safety tips that you might want to consider:

  1. Keep a Safe Distance

Dogs like to toss toys in the air, so make sure that you keep your dogs’ toys and other flammable materials away from fires. What’s more, be careful not to position your pets’ bed, furniture or any seasonal decorations too close to the fire. 

  1. Wood Burner

If you have a wood burning fire, be careful of sparks and be sure to keep the glass door or screen closed. It’s also important to ensure that you have a guard on the burner to ensure that your pet cannot jump on top.

  1. Chimney Sweep

Be sure that you regularly get your chimney checked and/or swept to prevent soot build-up and potential hazards to you and your pets. 

  1. Testing 1, 2

Something that we’re sure is already a part of your routine (but a friendly reminder of how important it is) – regularly test that your smoke/heat detectors are in good working order.

  1. Keep Plenty of Water Nearby

If your pet is sleeping directly in front of an open fire, log burner or even radiator then they could become dehydrated and even experience burns. Whilst burns are less common, it’s essential that you keep their water close by. 

  1. Consider a Coat

Short haired, skinny and old dogs are likely to feel the cold much more than stocky dogs with a thick coat. So, if you notice that your pet is spending a lot of time in front of the fire, then it might be worth investing in an indoor coat.

If your pet seems to feel the cold all the time, it could be that they are unwell. For example, diabetic dogs feel the cold due to low blood sugars, so it’s also best to take a trip to the vet to check it’s not a sign of anything more serious.

Ultimately, we all enjoy curling up in front of a fire, but it carries an additional risk when your pets around – enjoy, just be safe about it and of course, do not leave a fire unattended.

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