Cat Litter

Felight Odour Control Litter Fresh Spray

  • Fast and effective odour-encapsulating technology that helps to quickly eliminate litter odours.
  • Helps maintain hygiene of your home and cat waste environment for longer.
  • Won’t cause litter to clump.
  • Baby powder scent.
  • Use in conjunction with Felight cat Litter and accessories.
  • Made in the UK.


For when you want to give litter trays a quick pick-me-up!

Keep cat litter trays fresher for longer!

Our Felight Odour Control Litter Fresh Spray uses odour encapsulating technology to target those nasty urine smells.

Our fast and effective formula quickly and effectively eliminates odours and replaces them with a subtle and pleasant fragrance of baby powder, keeping litter trays Felight Fresh in-between changes.  Our manufactured in the UK expert formula won’t cause cat litter to clump, keeping litter trays fresher and hygienic between litter changes.

For best performance use in conjunction with our range of Felight accessories to ensure you experience that Felight Fresh feeling.

How to Use

  • Fill your cat litter tray with Felight Antibacterial Cat Litter to a depth of approximately 5cm.
  • Check the litter tray regularly and remove any solid waste with a Felight Cat Litter Scoop. Top up the tray with fresh litter.
  • Use the spray in between changes to help tray smelling fresh and clean.


Safety Warning

Wash hands after use.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, small children and those with suppressed immune systems should avoid contact with soiled litter.

Never flush cat litter down the toilet, dispose of with normal household waste.

Do not compost or dig into the garden.