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Brace yourself; we’re going to talk about worms. Sure, it’s not the most fun thing to talk about, but as a pet owner, you need to make sure you have all the right information in order to prevent the pesky parasites. Read on for the truth about worms in cats and dogs.  

What causes worms? 

Dogs and cats can get worms when they inadvertently eat something that has been contaminated with worm eggs. They can also get worms if they have had a flea infestation, as fleas can sometimes carry tapeworm larvae. That’s why fleas and worms often go hand in hand and it’s crucial you keep an eye out for both. Make sure your pet stays clear of any raw meat and keep an eye on anything your pet may be sniffing at on their daily walk. 

How can I prevent my pet from getting worms?

The single most important thing you can do is maintain regular worming of your pet as part of their monthly healthcare routine. However, several other things can help you prevent your cat or dog from getting worms. When your pet goes to the toilet, make sure you get rid of their faeces immediately and carefully. It’s also worth avoiding areas with faeces from other dogs and cats or wild animals. Always practice good hygiene in the home and make sure you keep a close eye on your pet in case they start displaying any symptoms. 

How can I tell if my pet has worms?

There are many signs to look out for that indicate your pet has worms. A cat or dog with worms may have a bloated stomach, diarrhoea, may suddenly start vomiting or generally seem weaker than usual. Another sign is that their appetite seems bigger than usual and you may also notice worms in their vomit or feces. 

Are worms in pets serious?

Most cats and dogs will catch worms at some point in their lives. If treated quickly, there likely won’t be any long term health issues. However, if worms go untreated for a long period of time, this can have very serious consequences for your pet. They can make them very sick indeed and may cause damage to their internal organs or even kill them if the infestation is really bad. 

Can humans catch worms from their pets?

There are some strands of worms that humans can catch from pets. But don’t spend too much time worrying about this; it’s very rare. Good common sense and hygiene reduce the risk massively. However, the risk is never zero so make sure to wash your hands frequently and keep your home nice and tidy. 

How do I get rid of worms?

In order to get rid of worms and keep them at bay permanently, you need to maintain regular worm treatments. That’s why we’ve introduced #wormwednesdays!

The problem with worms is that treating them once doesn’t mean they won’t come back. #wormwednesdays encourages pet owners to check for worms in their pet on the first Wednesday of every month. With the help of Bob Martin, we will help you keep a consistent routine in place so that you can wave goodbye to worms forever.

We have an extensive range of worm treatments online. Whether you need dog wormers or cat wormers, we have everything a pet owner could need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Shop online today and be prepared for whatever life throws your way.


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