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There’s no friend quite like a feline friend! Here at Bob Martin, we completely understand the desire pet owners have to keep their cat happy and healthy. Read on for 13 ways to keep your cat in good health:

1. Make sure they get lots of exercise

Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, exercise is key to their overall health and well-being. Play games with your cat to get them moving and encourage them to play outdoors or in the back garden if you’re comfortable with them doing so. 

2. Buy them toys to keep them busy

Even cats get bored sometimes! You can purchase a wide variety of toys online to keep them busy and their brains engaged. Mental health is just as important as physical health; when a cat has the means to keep themselves entertained, there is a much lower chance of them developing behavioural problems. 

3. Worm them regularly

It’s just a fact of life that cats get worms, even if your fur baby is otherwise completely healthy! Worming your cat regularly will keep the pesky parasites at bay. Get involved with #wormwednesdays and join the movement to worm your cat on the first Wednesday of every month, as recommended by ESCCAP*. Shop Bob Martin for all the worming treatments you need. 

4. Keep an eye out for fleas & ticks

Unfortunately, fleas & ticks and pets go hand-in-hand. If you don’t have a consistent routine in place to prevent and treat the irksome blighters, this can have a detrimental impact on your cat’s health. Shop preventative products here at Bob Martin and make sure you have treatment products on hand to deal with infestations. 

5. Don’t overfeed them

We all know that cats like to eat! As a pet parent, we understand that feeding your pet healthy, delicious food is a great way to show how much you love them. However, it is important not to overfeed your cat as obesity can have a negative impact on their health.

6. Feed small frequent meals 

Cats find it hard to regulate their intake, so try to feed them small meals at regular intervals. This mimics how they would eat in the wild and is a good way to keep them satisfied, while maintaining a healthy weight. 

7. Brush their fur everyday 

Just like humans, cats are prone to knots and tangles. Brush their fur everyday to remove excess hair and keep their coats looking shiny. Not only will this benefit your pet, you’ll also end up vacuuming a lot less! Shop Bob Martin’s conditioning tablets which offer a range of benefits, including coat health. 

8. Monitor their dry food intake

While nutritious, dry food is quite calorific. Many pet parents inadvertently overfeed their cat when they feed dry food, as they don’t realise that a small amount goes a long way! Measure portions carefully in accordance with pack guidelines and say goodbye to feline obesity. 

9. Make sure they’re hydrated

Hydration is vital when it comes to cat health. Some cats aren’t overly keen on drinking water and may just depend on their wet food for the hydration they need. One way you can encourage your cat to drink more water is by offering a free-flowing water source. Most cats prefer drinking running water from the tap to still water in their bowl.

10. Spay or neuter your cat

There are many benefits of spaying or neutering your cat. There is a much lower risk in female cats developing mammary cancer if they’ve been spayed and they will also be unable to develop pyometra (a serious uterine condition). For male cats, neutering curbs unwanted behavioural issues and lowers aggression, so they’re less likely to be involved in territorial disputes. They will also be less prone to a range of diseases, including testicular cancer and prostate disease.

11. Brush your cat’s teeth

Even cats need good oral hygiene. Brushing your cat’s teeth regularly will reduce dental plaque and prevent tartar formation. There’s also the added bonus of fresher breath! You should aim to brush your cat’s teeth daily with a specially designed toothbrush, but if you are unable to achieve this, aim for 3 times a week at a minimum. 

12. Recognise your cat as an individual 

Cats are individuals, just like us. With this in mind, your cat may have different needs when it comes to maintaining their health. It’s your job as a responsible owner to cater to these needs to the best of your ability. Keep a close eye on your fur baby and take note of any sudden changes in behaviour. These are often signals that your pet needs to take a trip to the vet. 

13. Love your cat unconditionally

Happiness and health are intrinsically linked. When your cat constantly has their needs met by an attentive pet parent, they are sure to thrive! Unconditional love will help you see your pet through the years you spend together so never underestimate the unrelenting power of a close bond with your pet. 


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* Ref: ESCCAP Guideline Worm Control in Dogs and Cats (May 2021)

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