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As we move into the much-anticipated warmer months of spring and summer, this opens the door to plenty of fun for the family… but with the weather can come some very unwanted visitors. These two seasons are notorious for the peak time fleas run riot in the UK and could make their way both onto your pets fur and into your home. 

Staying vigilant to the threat fleas pose is vital, so to keep you in the know, we’ve created a full guide on how to be ready for the season ahead. 

On your way to flea-dom

First things first, fleas can be extremely difficult to see in plain sight or on your pet, and may only be spotted briefly if you separate your pet’s fur. They’re very fast movers so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled or it could be a blink and you’ll miss it scenario. 

You may think that due to the unpredictable British weather, fleas aren’t able to make their mark in this country. However, these pesky little creatures have plenty of tricks up their sleeve and know how to leave an impression.

Luckily, there are top-end treatments that are simple and effective which are available either online at Bob Martin, or in your local retailer, so if you’re worried about the upcoming peak season, do your research and act accordingly from there to be prepared in time. 

Flea to manoeuvre

There are several different species of fleas: cat fleas, dog fleas, rabbit fleas and even human fleas, just to name a few – with us focusing specifically on cat and dog fleas. Once they’ve found a cat or dog to latch onto, they begin to lay eggs and begin an infestation. Some fleas even have the capability to jump over 100x the size of its own body – to put that into perspective, that equates to a dog flea jumping 40cm. Females also have the capability to lay up to 50 eggs per day, posing a huge threat to both pets and households across the UK. 

One way to help keep your furry friend free from fleas is to check their fur regularly after walks or when they’ve come into contact with other pets, or even potentially wild animals as these are usually the best opportunities fleas have to jump from one host to another. Early detection is key when it comes to preventing infestations on your pet and in your home.

Are fleas fur-real?

Once fleas have been able to make their way onto your pet’s fur, it is vital to not only check for fleas themselves but also flea pupae – the cocoon stage of the reproduction process. They can lay dormant for months on end, waiting for the right moment to hatch and make their way round your pet’s fur – but sadly that’s not all. 

When flea pupae have been laid in your pet’s fur, these can drop out wherever your pet chooses to go, and those places could also be your favourite parts of your house – your bed, your sofa or  the living room carpet. This is why it’s always recommended to regularly treat your pet to give them the best possible protection and stop fleas from entering your home. 

Preparation tricks, flea of charge

A great place to start ahead of the flea season is to get your spring cleaning underway. Giving both hard floors and carpets a good hoover, cleaning furniture and even washing bedding on a hot wash can help eradicate any rogue fleas. 

Following on from the cleaning, it’s the dreaded B-word for all dogs… bath! Ensuring your pet gets the deluxe wash so they’re all scrubbed up, fresh as a daisy and looking dapper helps keep fleas at bay too. Give these parasites a one way trip down the flea-way!

Wondering how you can keep up to date with all the best tips and tricks to keep your pets happy and healthy through the warmer months? Keep your eyes peeled for more content coming to the Bob Martin blog soon!


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