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No-one likes un-invited guests in their home, especially ones that bite!

With a bit of patience and some top tips from our Vet and Queen of Clean Aggie MacKenzie, we’ll have the problem fixed in no-time.

How do I know if my pet has fleas?

  • Your pet will scratch or bite persistently.
  • Check your pet for visible signs of fleas – you may notice small dark specs or tiny black dots moving around, about the 1-2mm big around the neck area, behind the ears, at base of the tail and fur on the tummy.
  • You may have seen small bites on your feet / ankles or lower leg. 

How do I get rid of them?

The first thing to remember is that you need to treat your pet and the home.  Treating only your pet will not be enough unfortunately.

You will need:

Clear Flea Tablets  if your pet has a lot of visible fleas on them and seems in obvious discomfort, this will give them some immediate relief as the tablets work within 15 minutes.

Clear Flea Spot On – Select the correct pack size for your pet, and then follow the instructions.  Spot On’s can take a while to fully migrate across the pets skin surface so just give it time.

Flea Comb – Whilst the Spot On is taking effect, keep your pet out of water.  You can use the Flea Tablets again if they are still in discomfort or alternatively try combing them with a flea comb.

Treat the Home – Up to 95% of fleas are in the home, therefore it is critical that the home is treated as well as your pet.  There are different ways in which you can treat the home so choose which suits your requirements best.

Watch our top tips below on how to treat your home from cleaning queen Aggie MacKenzie…


Don’t forget – Fleas carry worms so once your pet and home are flea free, give them a Bob Martin Clear Worming treatment to ensure there are no more hidden nasties lurking.  Unlike fleas, worms can’t be seen so a precautionary treatment is always worth doing after dealing with fleas.

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