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This time of year can often be a scary one for many pets

Our vet has some great advice on how to help keep your pets calm in stressful situations, whatever they may be:

Whilst there are some products available that can help calm pets, there are some more practical things you can do to help keep things as relaxed as possible once the fireworks start banging.

  1. Try to give your pet a safe place they can retreat to if they get scared, move their usual pet bed into a room that’s the furthest away from any noise. Try to train your dog to go to that place on command beforehand, so when they get scared they know where to go in a situation that is familiar to them.
  2. If fireworks are the issue, make sure all curtains and blinds are closed to block out the bright flashes. Ensure all the windows are fully closed to minimise the noise disturbance.
  3. If the trick or treaters get too much, try a polite note on the door explaining you have a scared pet so please do not knock. Or, turn the door bell volume down so as not to alarm your pet every time it rings.

It is also a good idea to try to get your pet to be more comfortable with loud noised throughout the year so that times like this aren’t as stressful.

If you have a dog that is scared, then it is possible to train them to desensitise them to loud noises.  This will have to be done in preparation for this time of year but is a worthwhile exercise anyway as things like loud thunder and doors slamming can all make pets stressed.  Desensitising will help dogs cope with these noises resulting in a happier and less anxious pets.

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