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In 2021, it has never been more important for each of us to do our bit for the planet. If you want to find out how you can become a more eco-friendly pet owner, read on for small changes that make a big difference. Sustainability is actually not as difficult as you think! 

Get a rescue dog or cat

Unfortunately, there are a lot of animals in rescue centres desperately needing homes. Adopting a pet, rather than buying one, helps reduce this number. Cats in particular need adopting as we are currently facing an overpopulation crisis in the UK.

Opt for recyclable food packaging

Many pet food manufacturers are now using packaging that’s 100% recyclable and more eco-friendly. When out shopping for your dog or cat’s main meals, opt for brands that are more sustainable in order to do your bit for the environment.

Dispose of packaging properly

We know we all need to make a conscious effort to recycle food packaging, but many of us still throw things in the wrong bin or don’t do this properly. If you aren’t sure which bin your pet food packaging needs to go in, read the label for guidance.

Buy pet food in bulk

When you buy pet food in bulk, this means larger bag sizes and therefore less packaging to discard. Not only will this actually help you be more eco-friendly, it will also save you money as the cost of pet food tends to be lower when you buy in bulk. 

Make your own pet toys

Not only is making your own pet toys more eco-friendly, it is also a lot of fun. You can use household items that you plan to discard and save a considerable amount of money. Youtube has a wealth of helpful tutorials on how you can make your own pet toys.

Give away old pet toys

If you have toys your fur babies don’t like anymore or toys they’ve never really taken to, why not donate them? Many people throw things like this away when they could be loved and played with by another pet. 

Choose poo bags carefully 

We all do our best to pick up after our pets. The amount of poo bags we go through each year is astronomical and much of this plastic ends up in landfill. Where possible, opt for compostable dog poo bags. 

Choose cat litter carefully

Many cat litter brands are now manufacturing more eco-friendly formulations to line your cat’s litter tray. Next time you’re at the supermarket, take a close look at labels to find out which brands are doing their bit for the environment.

Walk walk walk

Instead of driving your dog to the local park, why not walk there? Driving contributes to pollution so we all need to minimise our use of cars as much as possible. You never know, you might actually discover some exciting new routes you didn’t know existed!

Shop Bob Martin!

Here at Bob Martin, we’re making some big changes with our products. We’ve completely revised our packaging so there’s less waste, whilst improving our recyclability at the same time. Our new packaging drops soon so watch this space!


What have you done to become a more eco-friendly pet owner? Connect with us on social media today and share your stories!

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