#CatLitter is a trending topic in our Consumer Relations department.

So, we’d like to share some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received to help you along with one of the not so pleasant aspects of living with your feline friend.

Is your Felight with Febreze cat litter okay for my kittens to use?

Yes, all our cat litters are suitable for all ages. However, a little side note (and as with any cat litter), kittens should be observed when they’re introduced to their litter to ensure that they aren’t eating it – please see the next answer for further details.

I am using the Bob Martin Felight non-clumping litter, but my 9-week-old kitten is eating it on occasion is this harmful? I stop him whenever I can but am unable to at night.

This is something which needs to be kept an eye on. Litter, when eaten in large quantities, can compact in the stomach and will potentially require significant treatment from a vet. It has been suggested that kittens or cats who attempt to eat the litter are seeking out minerals which can be found in the litter. Therefore, it is worth looking at their diet and getting your vets advice on nutrition or changing the litter you are using.

Are the pink Felight bags recyclable?

Yes, Felight Febrezepacks are 100% recyclable. However, our Felight 360° bags are slightly different due to the plant-based material used. Therefore, if you’re in doubt please look out for the recycling logo that we’ve added to all our recyclable bags.

I was wondering what the best cat litter I could get is? I currently have 2 cats & I most of the litters that I’ve tried do not control the smell & can cause quite a bit of odour around my house, which is quite unpleasant. 

We would recommend either our Felight Febreze Unscented Concrete Cat Litter, with its super quick absorption powers, Felight helps to eliminate everyday odours and keeps your litter tray Febreze fresh. If you prefer to use a clumping litter, we can recommend Felight Clumping Ultra-Light Cat Litter. For extra comfort, you could also try our litter fresheners which are designed to work with all our litters to keep things fresh.

The cat litter claims that it doesn’t dissolve, will it get stuck down the drain?

We do not advocate flushing or pouring cat litter into a drain.  Cat litter is designed to absorb water and therefore it isn’t suitable for drains. What’s more, cat ‘waste’ needs to be treated differently to humans (with heat), so we do not recommend flushing your soiled litter. To avoid public health risks in our water systems, all soiled litter should be bagged and disposed of in the household waste.

What is the difference between ultra-clumping and just clumping?

Both clumping and ultra-clumping are bentonite-based cat litters and in simple terms, bentonite is a clay-based material that clumps when wet. Ultra-clumping is a condensed version of the regular clumping option and as a result, the smaller granules can absorb liquid quicker and form tighter clumps for maximum performance. Any clumping litter should be at a depth of 4-5cm to allow for digging and prevent the clumps from touching the bottom of the tray and sticking.

Will my cats get stuck in it as it’s concrete?

? No.

My 2-year-old house cat Tilly stared to poop outside her litter tray, I’ve tried changing her litter and brought new litter trays and a litter dome, and she still doing it. Any advice?

Cats are very fussy creatures as we know, so in our experience, it’s important to make sure that multiple litter trays are available in other areas of the home, especially if you have more than one cat. A choice of litter trays will give Tilly an alternative option if she’s used one (even just for a wee) and wants a clean alternative. Also, litter trays should always be placed away from any food, cat or human, and preferably in a private place where the cat won’t be bothered. However, if these problems persist, try changing your litter type or speak to a vet to check there is nothing else going on.


If you have a cat litter question that we haven’t covered here or if you’d like us to expand on anything we’ve mentioned then please feel free to contact us at info@www.bobmartin.co.uk

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