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Clear and in control

The Bob Martin Clear range has every product you need to keep your pet happy, healthy and free from Fleas, Ticks and Worms.

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Which range of the Bob Martin Clear products is the most appropriate for my pets' needs?

Bob Martin Clear
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Fleas and worms are very common and easily treatable

Used correctly, spot on products, tablets, collars and other Clear products for cats and dogs will swiftly deal with any unwelcome visitors and minimise the risk of an infestation.

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It’s not always easy to tell

Worming is recommended at least four times a year, as it's very difficult to see whether your pet has a worm infestation, as they are too small to see.

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95% of fleas are in your home, only 5% of fleas are on your pet!

See how the complete range of Bob Martin Clear Home protection products can help eliminate them. Find out more about how you can minimise these unwelcome visitors.

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