Bob Martin

As a growing company, we have a wide range of products available which is constantly growing and developing. Keep visiting our website for more updates on new products or for great advice.

Looking after your pets from the inside out

Bob Martin is here to help you, we know that life gets busy, so we provide you with good, quality products at affordable prices that are easily available to you... wherever you are.  Whether it's picking up the essentials with your weekly shop, or saving money by buying prescription products from our Vetcare site, or needing free vet advice, Bob Martin are here with you and your pets.

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Bob Martin products are available in store and online

Ask Our Vet


Are you concerned about your pet? Need some tips on caring for them? Ask our vet for some free advice. (We aim to have a vet contact you within 48 hours of request. If your pet requires urgent assistance, please contact your local veterinary service).