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Who can resist a rabbit? With their fluffy tails and floppy ears, twitchy noses and big doe eyes, they really are irresistible. They will need plenty of space to grow, play and run and can live for up to 10 years if well cared for - make sure you are prepared.

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Be prepared

Rabbits are very popular pets, they have a few basic needs but do need some space. They require a hutch that’s high enough for them to stand up in and has somewhere to hide. Plus, they will need somewhere safe to be able to run around in. Find out what else they need...

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Caring for a rabbit

Before you get any pet, it’s important to ensure you are fully aware of the responsibility and commitment that you are making. Whilst rabbits don’t need regular walks like dogs do, they will need to be checked and fed daily - whatever the weather!

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