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Little fluffy friends

Guinea pigs make great first pets, with a combination of their small size for little hands but still giving children responsibilities and their own special pet who they can cuddle.

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A family pet

Guinea Pigs make brilliant first pets, they can live for up to 7 years if well looked after so be sure that you’re prepared to care for it for that long. There are different species of guinea pigs so take your time to research which one will suit your family better when choosing your new pet.

the basics

Did you know?

Guinea Pigs love grooming and will often purr if relaxed when sitting on your lap for a smooth.

Happy cat and dog

A guinea pig needs…

Whilst guinea pigs are relatively small, they still require a large area to explore, ideally with different levels and with a protected sleeping area. They are happy to stay outside in the Summer but it is best to bring them in the warm during the colder winter months.

What they need