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Lets play!

Regular exercise and interactive play with your dog can help reduce stress in both you and your dog. It can be as simple as a play in the garden, or a walk in the woods, but time together is essential for your dogs health and great for yours too.

Happy cat and dog

Stress is not just for humans

Life isn’t always 'one giant walk in the park' for our dogs, even though we may think it is at times. Events such as moving house, the family going on holiday, or changes in the family can be stressful - both them and us. Know how to identify the signs and find out what you can do to help.

Signs of stress
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Puppies and children

Introducing a dog to your family can be a wonderful experience. Sticking to some basic rules when you have a dog in your home will mean that children and dogs can safely enjoy many happy hours playing together. Before you know it, your dog will be one of the family and you won’t be able to imagine life without them.

Play Safe
Happy cat and dog

A play in the park

There’s nothing better than watching your dog running free, with the wind in their fur and their ears flying or seeing them enjoy playing chase with other doggy friends. It’s the vision of happiness… unless, your dog refuses to come back when called! Ensure both you and your dog are prepared fully for some off-lead fun before letting them loose.

Dog Walking