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Feed me

Obesity is now one of the most common problems seen by vets. The main cause of this is simply overfeeding - not measuring out portions in addition to excessive treating with sugary pet snacks and human foods can quickly lead to a weight issue.

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Treats count too

As with humans, a dog only needs a certain amount of food throughout the day. It is easy to forget that if we give our dog a treat, their food portions should be reduced a little to offset it.

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It's all about choices...

Choosing the right food and treats for your dog and taking control of the portion sizes along with plenty of regular exercise, will soon have your dog feeling better and back in shape in no time.

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Sharing - it’s not for everyone!

Why not try making some homemade treats for your dog that are healthy, low in fat and guilt free! We’ve put together some simple recipes for you to make at home - these are not to be shared with the rest of the family!!

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