Dogs & Puppies

Whether it's fleas, food or fun, Bob Martin have something for all of your dogs every day needs.


Protect Them

It can all seem a bit daunting, if you've seen fleas or felt a tick or suspect your pet has worms then you've come to the right place.

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Walk them

Walking with your dog is one of the many joys, long walks in the countryside, fresh crispy winter morning strolls, running along the beach together… whatever the vision, we’ve got a few tips to make it as enjoyable as possible for you, your dog and the family.

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Play with them

Regular exercise and interactive play with your dog can help reduce stress in both you and your dog. It can be as simple as a play in the garden, or a walk in the woods, but time together is essential for your dogs health and great for yours too.

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Feed them

Obesity is now one of the most common problems seen by vets. The main cause of this is simply overfeeding - not measuring out portions in addition to excessive treating with sugary pet snacks and human foods can quickly lead to a weight issue.

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Ask the Vet

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