Don’t panic… we can solve this! Fleas are really common, especially in warmer weather, but with the right treatment can be easily treated or better still, prevented. Even the cleanest of homes can get fleas.

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Prevention is better than cure

The only way to protect your pet, family and home against fleas and ticks is to stop your pets getting them in the first place. Treat your pet at regular intervals with Clear Spot On or a suitable collar. After having a pet around the home for a while, you can become less responsive to flea bites, you may not notice an infestation in your home at first because of this.

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Think you’ve felt a tick?

Whilst ticks are a less intrusive issue for pet owners, they are still unpleasant for cats. They tend to attach to the ears, head, neck, and feet area, burying their heads under your cat’s skin and gorging on their blood. They are about the size of a pinhead when they first attach, so they may not be visible until they’ve spend a couple of days swelling with blood. Unlike fleas, ticks tend to be an isolated problem that is quick and easy to treat with the right tools - we’ll tell you how.

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Worried about worms?

It’s not always obvious that your pet has a worm infestation, as they are too small to see and sometimes there are no symptoms. Take action if: your kitten has a pot belly and starts to lose weight; you notice your cat has what looks like, grains of rice around their bottom or in the litter tray or if you cat has symptoms such as a moist cough, weight loss, vomiting and nose bleeds.

Worm Worries
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Don’t forget the home

It’s so important to treat the home when dealing with fleas - sprays are great for getting to all the hard to reach areas. Spray in all the warm, dark places (skirting, radiators, under beds & sofas) as these are the fleas favourite places to hide. Wash your cats bedding at a temperature above 40°C and don’t forget to treat / wash all of your cats favourite sleeping spots.

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