Did you know… Not only do children and pets enjoy playing with each other, research has shown that children are less likely to suffer from allergies if they come into contact with pets before their first birthday.

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Not just for fun

Toys are not only given to pets for fun, but they will also encourage and allow your cat to satisfy their curious nature to discover, investigate and explore. Toys allow your cat to engage in play whilst inadvertently sharpening their senses. House cats in particular should be provided with different stimuli every now and then, otherwise life may become a little dull which may lead to them feeling stressed.

Reduce Stress
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Aww isn’t he adorable…

A new kitten may be cute, but it's important to establish boundaries from an early age and to keep them entertained in the days before they are allowed outside. Play games with your cat, and alternate their toys so they don't get bored. This is particularly important if you keep your cat inside. A bored cat is a mischievous cat - your wallpaper and furniture will suffer if you don't provide entertainment!

Kitten Advice
Happy cat and dog

Your child’s first pet…

Cats can be a lifelong friend for you and your children. Having a family pet can have many benefits along with teaching children responsibility, patience and how to care for something other than another human. It is important to take care and consider the cat and your child in the relationship to ensure it is a positive one.

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