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Obesity is now one of the most common complaints seen by Veterinary Surgeons and it is entirely avoidable simply by measuring out portions and avoiding excessive treating.

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You should be able to feel your cat’s ribs and not see them and they should have a visible waist behind the ribs when viewed from above. Cats tend to put fat on their tummies so even if you can see a waist, but you can feel large deposits of fat in this area, then your cat is overweight.

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Don’t give your cat human food as the calorie content will often be a lot higher than you think, and their stomachs find it difficult to digest. Stick to food and treats that are specifically designed for them; as their needs are different to ours. It is possible to make homemade treats for your pets that are healthy and low in fat - not to be shared with the rest of the family!! We’ve put together some for you to try at home.

Treat Recipes