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The tail end

As with all pets, there is always the less ‘cute and cuddly’ aspect to deal with - but it needs to be done! Whether it’s training or buying advice you need, then keep scrolling.

Happy cat and dog

So many choices…

Not all cat litter is the same - far from it! There are a couple of key decisions to make when choosing cat litter, if you take the time to get it right it can make an unpleasant chore much easier. It is important to choose a litter that works for both you and your cat. Clumping / non-clumping, odour controlling, lightweight, eco… it goes on, but find the right one and it really will make a difference.

Litter Choices
Happy cat and dog

It’s not for everyone!

There are some cats who just don’t like using litter trays and prefer to go outside, however, what do you do if your cat suddenly stops using the litter tray? We’ve listed some simple checks that you can do to help solve the problem.

Top Tips