Cats & Kittens

Litter trays to flea drops, we've got it covered with our wide range of products specially designed for cats.


Protect them

Don’t panic… we can solve this! Fleas are really common, especially in warmer weather, but with the right treatment can be easily treated or better still, prevented. Even the cleanest of homes can get fleas.

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Clean them

As with all pets, there is always the less ‘cute and cuddly’ aspect to deal with - but it needs to be done! Whether it’s training or buying advice you need, then keep scrolling.

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Play with them

Did you know… Not only do children and pets enjoy playing with each other, research has shown that children are less likely to suffer from allergies if they come into contact with pets before their first birthday.

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Feed them

Obesity is now one of the most common complaints seen by Veterinary Surgeons and it is entirely avoidable simply by measuring out portions and avoiding excessive treating.

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Is your pet itching and scratching?

It is possible they could have fleas. Click below for information on our Clear range.

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