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Worldwide, people are increasingly aware of what impacts their long term health and wellbeing, looking for natural alternatives to medicine to support overall health and vitality – why should we treat our pets any differently?

Dog owners should use Bob Martin’s vitamins, minerals and supplements product range to keep their pooches in tip-top condition, whether as a puppy, in convalescence or in old age, to make sure they’re as happy and healthy as possible throughout their lives.

Since our founding in 1892 by Robert Martin, who identified a need to give pets the nutrition they required, we’ve been at the forefront of pet

Our range utilises natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, herbals and botanicals, amino acids, enzymes and many other nutrients.

Taken as part of a balanced diet, Bob Martin offers a holistic product range which is designed to keep your pet happy and healthy, so they can live their best life.

Joint & Mobility Products

Pet owners will be well aware that certain dog breeds can be predisposed to joint issues throughout their life, but this can be especially prevalent in old age dogs. To combat this, it’s really important to ensure you give your dog the best chance throughout its life, to have the healthiest joint mobility possible.

When to use:

Our Bob Martin Joint Relief products, such as our High Strength Joint Oil, can be used regularly on all dogs maintain supple movement, especially on ageing or overweight dogs, to provide support for their joint structure.

However, it is also vital that as a pet owner you understand the benefits of supplementing your dog from when they are a puppy; to prevent issues with cartilage, joints, muscles and tendons later in life.

The tasty supplements can be given daily, and contain:

Glucosamine – helps the maintenance of cartilage and tendons and contributes to the formation and rebuilding of tendons and ligaments.
Chondroitin – helps maintain the architecture of joint cartilage.
MSM – contributes to decrease joints or muscle pain.
Vitamin E – helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, and strengthen the body's natural defence against illness and infection.
Calcium – helps building and maintaining strong bones.
Omega 3 (DHA & EPA) – helps to reduce inflammation.

Find out more about our Bob Martin Health Supplements product range.

Please note: They are not to be taken in the place of drugs or medicines, as they are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure diseases. If you’re worried about your pet, please consult your vet.

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