Everything you need

Bob Martin offers a complete range of products and accessories to ensure you and your pet have everything available to you to make your time together as happy, carefree and easy.

A healthy life starts in the bowl

Offering a complete range of indoor and outdoor bowls, from metal ergonomic bowls to collapsible outdoor bowls for feeding on the go, Bob Martin has the perfect feeding solution for a stress-free mealtime.

Enjoying the great outdoors

Enjoying life outdoors with your pet now has a new look. Our complete range of collars, leads and harnesses for dog and cats will allow your pet to always look their best with a range of trendy accessories.

With a range of styles to choose from, your daily walks have never looked better, choose the size to suit your pet, then select your favourite style from our great range.


We all need a great nights sleep, and the same applies for your pet.  Now, with Bob Martin's new modular bedding system you can easily personalise, change and regularly clean your pets beds too.  With a range of bases, cushions and a selection of covers available, you can choose the style that best suits your home and your pet.  Each part can be purchased individually allowing you to replace any damaged parts, or change the washable covers depending on the seasons - the options are endless.