About our products

Looking after the birds in your garden is an enjoyable activity and a great introduction to wildlife and animal behaviour





Formulated by our experts in animal nutrition, you can be assured that Natures Garden foods provide a balanced and complete diet for the wildlife in your garden.  Providing them with the perfect amount of energy and nutrition all year round, without compromising on tastiness or quality.


We select only the best, purely natural seeds for our products.


All of our seed formulas are “ambrosia controlled”, it means that we check all our seeds in order to control the contamination of unwanted foliage in your garden.  


Why not try our specially blended Squirrel Menu to enrich the wildlife presence in your garden?  Squirrels are known for their cheeky nature so are often great fun to watch. With a mix of wildlife running around, it is great entertainment that all of the family can enjoy.


A personalised seed feeder just for your garden


Now you can create a truly unique seed feeder for the wild birds in your garden.  Made with 100% natural wood layers, you can now build and customise the Nature’s Garden Seed Feeder to make it a perfect fit for your garden.  This is a great way to encourage the family to enjoy the garden with you, or just while away a relaxing afternoon developing your very own seed feeder.