Felight 360°

Renewably sourced clean clumping, plant-based cat litter:














Felight 360° Care Clean Clumping Cat Litter uses science to get the best from nature, by combining renewably sourced Soy fibres with water and other plant ingredients to produce a clean, smooth pellet with superb absorption and a soft texture for your cat to dig in.

When wet, the pellets form neat clumps which can be scooped away to leave clean, dry litter ensuring a hygienic tray is always available to your cat.

Our formulation has been developed with very little dust, to minimise tracking and help to maintain a clean home for the health and comfort of you, and your cat.

It is also suitable for mixing with other Cat Litters, to bring the Felight 360° Care benefits to your everyday routine.

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Felight 360° Care Clean Clumping Cat Litter can be found instore and online at: Morrisons UK