Playing is an important part of every pet’s life

Play means having fun, interacting, training, learning and developing their individual personalities whilst building their unique bond with you.

Bob Martin's dog toy range is split up into 3 main Play groups, which way does your dog like to play:

Play Solo

Play solo toys are ideal to keep your dog happily entertained for the times when he is alone at home waiting for your return. They are designed so that the dog can play on his own, or with you.

Interactive Play

The perfect excuse for you and your dog to play and enjoy some time together either indoors or outdoors. The toys are designed to be played with, and to encourage interaction with your dog which can reduce stress for both you and your dog.

Dental Play

Designed to support dental hygiene, our toys are tried and tested for serious chewing!  Chewing on toys helps cleans the teeth by removing plaque, meaning dental doesn't have to be dull.

Bob Martin Dog Toys