Bob Martin Clear

Choosing the appropriate Clear product for your pet:

My pet does not have fleas or ticks and I want to keep it this way:

We suggest a product from our Clear Repellent range.

  • Fleas and ticks are pushed back
  • Can be used throughout the year in the prevention or in case of low parasite pressure
  • A range developed to utilise the benefits of Margosa plant extracts 



My pet already has fleas or ticks:

Choose a product from the Clear Treatment range

  • To eliminate fleas and ticks on your pet and prevent their reoccurrence
  • To eliminate eggs, larvae and adult fleas from home
  • Clinically proven to be effective in 48 hours





I want to control pests with a product without insecticides:

Apply a product with Dimethicone from the Clear Skin Kind range

  • Immobilises fleas and ticks in the coat by covering them with a thin microscopic layer (mechanical action)
  • Facilitates the elimination of parasites when grooming your pet


Find out more about Dimethicone