Playing is learning when you are young...

Learning through play is often the best way. Whether you have a new kitten who is learning life skills for the first time, or an older moggie who enjoys the practise, we've got a range of toys to help you bring out their natural instincts.

The range is split into 3 categories with a range of tantalizing toys:


The Curiosity range will fuel and satisfy your cats natural desire to discover, investigate and explore through the act of play whilst helping them to sharpen their senses. The shiny colors are perfect for catching their attention and intrigue their curious ways.  Cats love an intriguing noise and are attracted to things that makes an interesting sound or noise. These tactile toys will intrigue and interest those curious cats.


The socialising range will provide you and your cat moments of happiness together, allowing you both to enjoy the positive effects of interaction and fun. Developed to encourage you, the owner actively play and interact with the toy and your cat.  Dangling elements allow you to bring the toy to life creating movement by leaping the toy in to the air, this stimulates the cat and they'll find it hard to resist.  Some toys have movement features so that the owner can easily launch or throw the toy and start an interactive and fun playful chasing game.


Toys in the chasing range will bring out your cats hunter spirit, helping them to develop their natural instincts. With life-like shapes, the cat will perceive the mouse or fish toys as their prey and will love ambushing them.  Cats love to run off with their pray, hide it or play with it with their paws. The lightness of our materials will allow them to play with the toys and simulate actions as they would with their natural prey.

Do it Yourself Range

Our brand new, unique range that allows the whole family to get involved with caring for your cat.  Have a fun filled time and bring out your creativity when you and your family custom build and color in the cat toys.  Your cat can have it's very own special toy to play with and you can be re-assured knowing that the products are made with 100% eco-friendly material.

Bob Martin Cat Toys