Birds and Small Animal Food

Delight your little pet friends with our tasty range of foods and treats, all are nutritionally balanced for the smallest of tummies. Along with a range of accessories to enable you to enjoy spending time with your pet and watch them as they play.

Our small animal feed recipes are all prepared with top-quality ingredients, guaranteeing complete and balanced nutrition to promote health and vitality in your pets.

With a wide range of affordable options and no compromising on quality, you can take your pick from a selection of appetising recipes.

At Bob Martin we believe that all pets have the right to good nutrition that is delicious, safe and matches the pockets of their owners.

Complete Food

Bob Martin Optimal Menu for Small Mammals

Optimal Menu is our premium range of foods, containing ingredients that have been specifically selected for their high-quality nutrition and benefits:

- Optimal digestion

- Highly appetising

- Enhance shiny coats

Bob Martin Optimal Menu is made with croquettes, pellets and mixed formulas containing both croquettes & hay.

Bob Martin Menu for Small Mammals and Birds

Our Menu range includes a choice of complete foods for small birds and small pets. Each blended formula features a selection of specific ingredients all with their own unique benefits giving a food that is:

- Enriched with an antioxidant complex to improve the overall well-being of your pet

- Providing a complete and balanced diet

- Highly palatable thanks to the selection of ingredients.

This Bob Martin Menu is a tasty mix of seeds, vegetables and croquettes.

Bob Martin Economic Seeds for Birds and Small Mammals

An affordable, everyday range but without compromise on the quality and without comprimising the well-being of our pet.  100% natural seed mixtures formulated specifically for small pets.


What is the difference between Complete and Complementary food?                                                        Complete Foods give the animal a complete and balanced diet that takes account of the different nutritional requirements of the species.  Complementary Foods are given to the animal to give variety, as functional snacks that are rich in beneficial substances, or as a reward.

Complementary Snacks and Treats

Delight your little friend with our range of snacks, enriched with vitamins, essential for growth and optimal metabolism

Stix - Pressed sticks with fruits for a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Great for hanging in pets cages!

Ministix - Pressed mini sticks in a mixed pack for great flavour variations.  With added vitamins and calcium.  Great for hanging in pets cages with a new taste to try each time.

Biscuits - Baked snacks using traditional recipes with nutritious ingredients.  Packed with vitamins to provide energy.  A perfect treat for hand feeding small pets and birds.

Cocktails - Gourmet treats for birds, with a blend of seeds and apple and enriched with vitamins.  Great source of carbohydrate for your birds.

Your pet will love trying all our different flavours, treats are a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Remember that treats should always be accompanied to the complete food and given in moderation.