Neptune is our range of treats, nutritious food and water cleaners - specially developed for your pond and aquarium fish.

Bob Martin have been looking after family pets for over 120 years. Our range of products continues to grow, offering pet owners quality products at affordable prices.


Neptune helps you to keep your fish healthy and beautiful.

Our latest recipes have been developed including natural ingredients to provide your fish with balanced nutrition whilst maintaining their beautiful colours.

Pond Fish Food

Neptune Pond Sticks are a complete food ideal for all types of pond fish, including Goldfish, Koi and Carps.These floating sticks soften quickly in the water to be easily digestible and minimise waste, which helps to keep the water clearer.

Aquarium Fish Care

We have a delicious range of floating flake foods and tasty, fun treats for goldfish and freshwater tropical fish.  Our foods contain natural colour enhancers to help them to stay bright and colourful.

Our exciting new treats stick to the inside of the tank to tempt your fish into view where you can watch them up close.

To maintain healthy water quality, Neptune TapWaterSafe is designed to instantly neutralise the small amounts of Chlorine and heavy metals present in tap water which can harm your fishes' delicate skin and gill membranes.

"Those stick on treats have renewed the kids interest in the fish tank!" - Director, Bob Martin