Cats & Kittens

Litter trays to flea drops, we've got it covered with our wide range of products specially designed for cats.

Bob Martin have been looking after family pets for over 120 years.  Our range of products continues to grow, offering pet owners quality products at affordable prices.

Our range of Clear products includes flea, tick and worm treatments ensuring your pets are free from nasties all year round. With a selection of flea spot-ons for cats in easy-to-use tubes for simple application keeping pets flea-free couldn't be easier.

For more product information and 'how-to' videos from our vet, visit our website dedicated to helping you prevent and treat fleas, ticks and worms.  If you need help or advice, contact our Customer Service Team or why not Ask our Vet?


You'll spot this range in the stores...

Our range of Felight Cat Litter and accessories can't be missed in the pet aisle, we're turning the pet aisle pink!  A range of light weight, great performing cat litters and a selection of accessories to help you keep your cats litter tray and your home hygienic and smelling great.  Why not try out new Bob Martin Felight Clumping Cat Litter?  Clumping litter is designed to form small, easy-to-remove clumps when they come into contact with moisture, meaning that all used litter is removed leaving only clean granules.  Regularly remove the clumps and solid waste to keep the tray fresher for longer.

Bob Martin also helps Battersea Dogs & Cats Home as we donate 83,000 litres of Felight Cat litter for the cats and kittens whilst they wait to find, loving homes.