For our feathered friends we have a range of sanded sheets, treats and seed.

Bob Martin have been looking after family pets for over 120 years. Our range of products continues to grow, offering pet owners quality products at affordable prices.


Our Sanded Sheets are made from the finest natural minerals including oyster shells, which contribute to the calcium and minerals that your bird needs. The coarse texture combined with the action of walking and foraging on the sand can also help to naturally wear down a bird’s claws and beak.

Avia Budgie Food is a complete food, ideal for keeping your bird happy and healthy.  It is now available in a handy eco refill pack with at least 90% less packaging weight, better for the environment and quality for your budgie.

It provides a healthy and balanced diet of mixed seed fortified with extra nutrients. A carefully balanced proportion of seeds is super-enriched with six extra nutrients. These extra nutrients are impregnated through the husk and into the actual kernel of the seeds.You can easily tell the difference – the special seeds are golden coloured.

Golden Grains – 6 Extra Nutrients

  • Vitamin A Helps to prevent infection, protects eyes, essential for growth and reproduction.
  • Vitamin B Aids growth and is essential to digestion.
  • Vitamin B12 Not present in ordinary seed, helps to maintain general health.
  • Vitamin D3 Essential to formation of strong bones.
  • Iodine Helps to prevent disease.
  • Lysine Improves the all important protein quality, builds a healthy body


Birds have a natural instinct to forage for food. By offering your bird a Bob Martin Avia Fruit and Nut Treat, you will satisfy this urge and give them a nutritious treat. Not only are they tasty, they actually contain added grit, essential to your birds’ digestion. They should be offered to your bird in addition to its main food.